Sauna or bathhouse - is the PLACE, where you come to relax your mind,to find your own peace and with others.

   Japanese won't sign up a business contract until they go with oponent to their onsen( mineral water sauna). For balts( lithuanians, latvians), russians, scandinavians in steam sauna most important is main-steam room, -where you sweat after pouring hot water on the heated stones and steam rises. Steam sauna is hot- cold therapy when the body is heated by hot steam and after is cooling down by cold water or by air in the swings( popular in Finnland). In the steam saunas vantas- untas- beating whisks from up to 40 different plants and trees being used depending on their masculine or feminine energy individually to promote deeper therapeutic effect for the body, mind and soul.Native americans building ritual bathhouses- to come closer to the nature, to honor their mother earth , to experience spiritual rebirth in the human life cycles.

   That is why Sauna- not only the place. It is the SPIRITUAL STATE of MIND. We come to wash, to clean the body, to clear our thoughts, the soul. Sauna- is the FEELING. And it doesn't matter, which sauna you will choose,- everytime your experience will be different, but the FEELING the same-you will feel clean( in and out), light, relaxed and in peace...

   Good Steam! Good Feeling!!!

Massage shower



    • Upper shower head" Tropical rain"

    • Flexible shower hose

    • Back jets

    • FM radio

    • Feet massager




    Masage chair

    • Back, hips, legs and feet massage

    • Automatic body scan

    • Shiatsu, accu- pressure points followed by percussion, vibration and other therapeutic massage technics

    • Individually adjustable areas for the back and legs

    • Whole body massage with 4 built in massage heads

    • Self regulating air pressure system for the hips, legs and feet

    • 3 automatically chosen massage programs: relaxation, stimulation and therapeutic




    Feet soaking tub

    • 3 functions: bubbles, vibration and warm water regulation

    • 16 magnets in the tub

    • Infrared rays- to relax

    • Built in a platform for the feet reflex zones




    Washing - drying machine

    • With our washer and dryer you can wash and dry your clothes.